1. One of the most exciting parts for me about moving to a bigger city is that I’m ditching the car. (It’s just too expensive to keep it when the transit is waaaay cheaper.) The town I live in now is impossible to navigate without a car because everything is sooo spread out. I get to explore the majority of my new home on foot which is kind of like an adventure to me so I’m really pumped. (I’m a total dork.) Anyway, that’s also good news because the added exercise will be great <3 (I’m sure the lazy part of me is going to look back at this post and be like, “You’re wrong. This blows. Driving is a thousand times more convenient.” But I’m trying to stay positive here ;D)

  2. Phew. Had one of those workout days where everything seemed way harder than usual. (Probably just because I didn’t sleep well last night.) But I totally worked through it and kept going! Yay me! :)

    Going to grab a shower now and make some delicious breakfast.

  3. Guys. Guys.

    There’s birds chirping outside.


    (Up until yesterday there was still snow on the ground here. #CanadaProblems.)

    Anyway, the sun isn’t up yet and I’m off to get dressed and hit the gym!

  4. Spent most of the day going through my things and packing. I’m moving at the end of the month and I’m so excited! I went through my clothes and kept a few “goal” clothes, if that makes sense. Things I used to fit into and whatnot. I want to get back to that point so I guess it’s nice for me to see that it’s totally possible.

    Hopefully going to fall asleep at a decent time tonight so I can get up early and hit the gym!

  5. Some vegetable lentil soup and a whole wheat veggie wrap for lunch! Best decision <3

  6. Had an awesome day! Did some weight training then went for a walk. After that, I went to get some new healthy groceries <3 On the way home I stopped to treat myself to a veggie burger (there’s a restaurant here that makes delicious ones from fresh local ingredients <3) and instead of sitting down to wait, I went for another walk downtown. Yay healthy choices! Feeling great! :)

  7. Just got back from the gym! I’m so proud of myself. I really pushed myself with the weights and I went above and beyond the workload I’m used to on the elliptical :) So happy. I feel great!

  8. After a couple of days of my sleep schedule being off, I finally woke up on time this morning. Before my alarm, even! So now I’m off to get ready and hit the gym!

  9. Turned my day around with a trip to the gym. It totally kicked my ass and I’m feeling way better now :)

  10. Ever have one of those nights when your mind just races and it takes hours to fall asleep but when you do, you sleep FOREVER and it’s impossible to get out of bed in the morning and when you do you feel more exhausted than when you fell asleep?

    Because that’s my day so far. Bleh.